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Guitar Workshop

Workshop - Gitarren Meckbach

+ + + Important note, January 2022 + + +
Repair and service acceptance stop at Gitarren Meckbach:
Due to the high capacity bookings of our workshop, we are unfortunately unable to accept any further service orders up to and including May 2022. Exceptions are instruments bought from us as well as installation of pickups bought from us. We kindly ask for your understanding and thank you for the many orders!

Gitarren Meckbach’s workshop is the premier address for repair, restoration and maintenance work on your instrument.
Martin Meckbach is a trained and highly experienced “plucked-instrument maker” (luthier). Fixing cracks on the top, adjusting or replacing frets, varnish retouches, replacing defective machine heads or retrofitting your guitar with a pickup—Gitarren Meckbach’s professional luthier restores your priceless instrument to mint condition.

A broken headstock, a noisy pickup, a loose fret, problems with a specific string that keeps breaking for no apparent reason… whether on a mandolin, a nylon- or steel-string guitar, a banjo, a ukulele or an acoustic bass: I have a professional solution to your problem.

And although Gitarren Meckbach primarily sells acoustic guitars, I am equally at home with electric guitars and basses as well as almost any fretted instrument.

Electric Guitar Repair - Gitarren Meckbach