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Gitarren Meckbach stocks a carefully selected range of high-quality steel- and nylon-string guitars made by world-renowned brands and luthiers. Whether you are looking for a serious student guitar or a pro instrument—you’re sure to find it in my store.
Take your time to test all the instruments you believe are right for you until you find your soul mate. And don’t hesitate to ask me for my advice!

Each and every guitar, no matter how affordable, is painstakingly fined-tuned to your specifications before you take it home with you. I’ll change the string gauge and adjust the string height if that feels more comfortable.
No two guitars are completely alike, even if they belong to the same series. From my own experience, I know that even a high-end guitar’s playability and sound can be enhanced by an experienced craftsman.
Playing the guitar should first and foremost be your own special way of enjoying life. I will go out of my way to ensure that playing the beauty you selected will be total and utter fun!

Steel-String Guitars

A selection of the acoustic guitars I have in stock…

Classical Guitars

Some of the classical and student guitars in my shop…


Special instruments apart from the acoustic guitars we usually offer..

 Concert Guitars - Gitarren Meckbach

Strings, Amplifiers, Accessories

In addition to the guitars themselves, you will also find strings, pickup systems for acoustic guitars, acoustic guitar amplifiers as well as other accessories, like guitar cases, gigbags, capos, picks and straps at Gitarren Meckbach.