About Myself

About Gitarren Meckbach

Gitarren Meckbach is fully owned and run by Martin Meckbach, a trained luthier.

Martin Meckbach

In 2015, I launched “Gitarren Meckbach” in Berlin to share my experience and knowledge regarding guitars, repair, modifications and restoration with guitarists who are looking for perfect service and valuable advice for the purchase of a new steel- or nylon-string guitar. Musicians who want to restore their trusted instrument also turn to me.

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Benjamin Smith

Since 2010 Ben Smith has built several high quality acoustic guitars and has carried out extensive repairs on guitars and other stringed instruments. For him, it’s all about sharing the beauty of music with others in our lives, and a superbly functioning guitar is an indispensable tool for achieving this. In the service workshop at Gitarren Meckbach he takes care of maintenance and repair of customers’ instruments. Even if you want to buy something from us, he can give you great advice with his rich experience in the field of guitars.