Manuel Rodriguez Senior Classical Guitar – Gitarren Meckbach

Manuel Rodriguez Senior Classical Guitar, 1980


IMG_2091The Rodriguez Family is recognized as one of the most prominent luthier families in Spain. The concert guitar represented here was built by Manuel Rodriguez Senior in 1980, who was the second in the legendary Rodriguez line of luthiers. His son Manuel Rodriguez Junior III is at the helm of the workshop these days – navigating their world-renowned success.

This instrument is appointed with a unique feature – the so-called “lattice bracing”. As opposed to traditional fan bracing for the soundboard, lattice bracing forms a kind of grid that supports the soundboard while also evenly distributing the sound originating from the bridge in all directions. The guitar’s soundboard was able to be fabricated somewhat thinner due to the added stability from this lattice bracing system. Thus, this instrument has very quick response and increased volume that can reach the furthest rows in a concert hall – and yet retains a very balanced tonal spectrum. Furthermore, the Manuel Rodriguez Senior guitar displayed here has benefitted immensely from the fact that it was built 35 years ago and has been played professionally by the original owner ever since. The tone from the spruce top has developed superbly!

The visual condition of the instrument is very good despite being used, while the technical condition is mint. It is being displayed through Gitarren Meckbach – sale on behalf of the customer.


Luthier: Manuel Rodriguez Señor II

Manufactured in: Spain

Built in: 1980

Top: Solid Spruce

Back & Sides: Solid Rosewood

Neck: Mahogany

Fretboard: Ebony

Bridge: Rosewood

Scale length: 660 mm

Neck width at top nut: 53 mm

– SOLD –