Meet Martin Meckbach

Martin Meckbach

I started working on and with guitars in 1997, during my luthier training in the master workshop Albert & Müller. Simultaneously, I attended the violin-making school in Mittenwald.

But I had already toiled with guitars before deciding to join the guitar industry: in 1995, I bought a tonewood set form luthier Gerold Karl Hannabach in Bubenreuth (Germany) to build my own guitar by following the instructions in Irving Sloane’s book, “Classic Guitar Construction”. In 1996, I attended a course about repairing and building guitars by Gerold Karl Hannabach.

I completed my training with an “A” (1.0 in Germany). During subsequent trade competitions in the year 2000, I was first pronounced chamber winner, then state winner and eventually won first prize on a national level.

After my training, I stayed at Albert & Müller as a journeyman.

In 2001, I ran the American Guitar Shop in Berlin, which allowed me to familiarize myself with the inner and outer workings of electric guitars and basses.

In, 2002 I took part of my master’s examination at the chamber of trade in Berlin.

I went on to work for the renowned bass and guitar manufacturer Höfner in Baiersdorf (Germany) for about three-and-a-half years.

After completing my commercial training, I joined the distributor Musik & Technik as product manager for Gibson guitars and other brands in 2006.
 I then moved to a different department within the Musik Meyer group of companies to work as product specialist for various musical instrument and accessory brands, which I did for nine years. In that capacity, I visited countless guitar manufacturers, both in Germany and abroad. That allowed me to familiarize myself with their respective philosophies and production methods. In addition, I attended all major trade fairs for musical instruments, like “Musikmesse” in Frankfurt/Germany, Music China and the NAMM Show in the US.
While still at Musik Meyer, I was asked in 2013 to supervise the international distribution of the famous Swedish Hagstrom guitar brand.

Despite my predominantly sales-oriented daytime job, I continued to refine my hands-on experience in my private guitar workshop.

In 2015, I returned to my former teacher Antonius “Toni” Müller for an internship. His guitars are becoming increasingly popular among the best guitarists all over the world, and he was kind enough to share his secrets and insights with me. This has allowed to me learn first-hand how he builds his famous double tops he calls “Lamellendecke”.

In June 2015, I launched “Gitarren Meckbach” in Berlin to share my experience and knowledge regarding guitars, repair, modifications and restoration with guitarists who are looking for perfect service and valuable advice for the purchase of a new steel- or nylon-string guitar. Musicians who want to restore their trusted instrument also turn to me.

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  • 1997~2000: Luthier training at Albert & Müller in Aarbergen (Germany) and at the Mittenwald violin-making school
  • 2000: 1. National prize-winner of the efficiency competition organized by the German Youth of Handicrafts
  • 2000~2001: Journeyman at Albert & Müller
  • 2001~2002: Ran the workshop of the American Guitar Shop in Berlin
  • In 2002, I completed part of my master’s examination at the Berlin Chamber of Trade.
  • 2002~2006: Product design and distribution (as “product manager”) at Höfner, the biggest German manufacturer of string and fretted instruments (Baiersdorf, Germany)
  • 2006~2015: Member of the product development and distribution department at a wholesaler of musical instruments, in charge of Gibson guitars and others
  • In 2013~2015, I worked for the famed Swedish guitar manufacturer Hagstrom, in addition to my activities as sales employee.
  • In 2015, I attended a short internship with my former teacher, Antonius “Toni” Müller, in Aarbergen.
  • 2015: Inception of the Gitarren Meckbach shop in Berlin